Reflux Monitoring System with pH/Impedance

Our catheter based reflux monitoring system support pH and impedance recording. Made from TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane), our catheter maintains rigid and flexible  structure while keep industry leading small diameter, providing the best comfort and care for patients.

State of the art  electrode technology provides quick 2-minutes calibration process, excellent measurement precision and long shelf life.

Data is recorded over a period of 24 hours then downloaded to workstation for further analysis.


Wide variety of catheter choices

  • Slim catheter diameter as small as 2 mm.
  • Comfortable and flexible material
  • Up to 14 configuration of different length and sizes.
  • High precision electrodes
  • 2 Years long shelf life


  • 1 GB storage capacity for long-time recording
  • 6 default record modes and 2 user-defined modes
  • Compact and light, powered by one AA battery

Workstation Software

  • Setup and Calibration guide
  • Data import and analysis
  • Perform various calculations including SI, SSI and SAP
  • Custom and export reports.

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