Endoflow Endoscopic CO2 Insufflator

Carbon Dioxide is a more ideal material for insufflation compared to room air, due to its fast absorbing nature. The implementation of Carbon Dioxide in endoscopic procedures drastically reduces discomfort and abdominal pain, prevents serious complications in the case of perforation.

Endoflow offers cutting-edge technologies, intuitive design, great compatibility and affordability to help you improve practice, provide better care and outcome.


Use Endoflow to minimize patient’s discomfort during endoscopic procedures.

Its compact design allows easy integration into your existing workstations. Easy and intuitive interface will ease physician’s learning curve.


Provides different modes of intelligent flow volumes with numeric display.

Flow Control  will provide a stable flow perfectly adjusted to human body, minimizing discomfort.


Pressure Alarm will warn the user and automatically shut down at threshold high or low pressure.

Flow Filtering will stabilize the gas flow and filter out impurity, ensuring a safe and steady environment.


Endoflow works with all major endoscopic and colonoscopic brands. You can easily set up with adapters.

Power Requirements

Voltage (AC): 100-240 V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Input and Output

Maximum Feeding Pressure:
0.6 MPa (after depressurization)

Output Volume
1L/Min (± 0.2L/min),
2L/Min (± 0.3L/min)
3L/Min (± 0.3L/min)

Product Size and Weight

128 mm(W) * 330 mm(D) * 155 mm(H)

5 Kg

Product Specifications

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