High performance energy platform


Dedicated processor keeps track of the negative plate. Contact condition is displayed in percentage ratio rather than a single status.

System will automatically halt delivery immediately when risk is detected.

Integrated APC Unit

The built-in Argon Plasma Coagulation unit adopted a highly advanced and intelligent proportional valve control system.

Plasma is released at a pulsing rate ensuring even distribution and minimized tissue damage.


Comprehensive, versatile and compact. A design that harbors all the essential components for your OR regimen: Mono-polar, Bi-polar and APC unit, with high-efficiency and great affordability.

You can perform wide range of surgeries without the need of additional modules or extensions and save valuable trolley space.

Smart Energy Delivery

Central processing unit is constantly monitoring minute changes of tissue composition.

Energy output is compensated accordingly in a fraction of a second, delivering a smooth and optimized experience.

Power Requirements

Voltage (AC): Voltage (AC):  100-240 V

Frequency: Frequency: 50 Hz

Dimensions and Weight

420 mm(W) * 395 mm(D) * 190 mm(H)

10 Kg


Cut & Coagulation Modes: 6

Argon Beam Coagulator

Product Specifications

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